Bizarre Things Nobody Notices About Billie Eilish

Bizarre Things Nobody Notices About Billie Eilish


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The Trendy Billie Eilish music trap fashion lyrics life lesson industry 17 bury a friend when we all fall asleep where do we go Billie Eilish already has a reputation in Hollywood for being different. Subscribe to our channel: Billie Eilish has been making waves in the music industry for around 3 years now, but she’s only 17 years old. The young star resonates with her electropop beats, trap rhythm, and edgy lyrics. But beyond her deadpan expression which looks like she’s always on the edge of rolling her eyes, there are many things people don’t notice about Billie Eilish. She’s surprisingly deep for her age, able to extract important life lessons from experiences, despite her life being so short. Billie’s also got a sense of fashion that may be questionable during this time. Whether it’s her unique middle name to her concerning lyrics, there are many bizarre things about Billie that people let slide. She’s even celebrated for them! What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Be sure to follow The Trendy for more videos!

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