Bring Me The Horizon - mother tongue (Official Video)

Bring Me The Horizon - mother tongue (Official Video)


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bmth bmth mother tongue fala amo bring me the horizon amo bmth amo bring me the horizon new video mantra medicine sleepwalking shadow moses wonderful life bring me the horizon fala amo bmth dont say you love me dont say you love me fala amo bring me the horizon drown bmth new album bmth new music video mother tongue video mother tonge mother tounge oli sykes portugal bring me the horizon portugese bmth portuguese Bring "Mother Tongue" is available now: Directed by: Chris Muir Producer: Fernanda Malta aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм oυт now: ғιrѕт love world тoυr мercн LYRICS: I didn’t see it coming But I never really had much faith In the universe’s magic, Til’ it pulled us to that time & place & I’ll never forget When the floodgates opened We cried an ocean It still got me choking It’s hard to explain I know you know me You don’t have to show me I feel your lonely No need to explain So don’t say you love me fala amo. Just let your heart speak up & I’ll know. No amount of words can ever find a way To make sense of this, So I wanna hear your mother tongue. And yeah I could be punching But I always tend to fluctuate I feel sick but I’m buzzing, oh love I’m in trouble, I’m sorry, but you got me gushing all over the place And I don’t wanna get wet But I think were chosen Like our fates were woven and all of those bad choices Were left turns on the way I think the best way to explain it is like Kinda like that, but more like Yeah That makes sense right, like, like, like #BringMeTheHorizon #mothertongue #Vevo #Rock #VevoOfficial

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