Maybach Exelero! *Found*

Maybach Exelero! *Found*


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maybach exelero supercar blondie maybach supercar blondie maybach exelero most expensive car in the world the fastest concept car in the world fulda tires fulda exelero goodyear fulda concept car 350km/h concept car v12 biturbo maybach craziest concept cars mercedes maybach concept supercar blondie fulda mechatronik germany pascal stephan mecha tronik mercedes This is the one-off Maybach Exelero which was purchased in 2005 for $8 million and is worth a lot more than that today. The car was built to test a specific tyre. It can go over 350km/h as a concept! Check out all the details in the vid. Thanks to my Supercar fam! Much love, Alex Special thanks to @Mechatronik_official Follow me on: Music by: Freight Train - Giulio Cercato

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