What's Inside Abandoned Underground Box?! Mystery Chain Pull Secret Re

What's Inside Abandoned Underground Box?! Mystery Chain Pull Secret Revealed!


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carl and jinger family friendly Daily bumps what’s inside whats in the safe ripping open safe abandoned safe dropping abandoned safe dropping safe smashing safe update video dropt test breaking open safe breaking safe open open safe breaking safe found safe hidden safe found hidden safe exploring abandoned unlocking unlocking safe new surprise drop test 100 feet scissor lift looking inside mystery mystery chain vy qwaint mystery box Carl and Jinger family follow mysterious clues to a chain buried underground! It's time to find out what's inside and pull and dig the mystery chain out of the dirt! Let's Make Today Awesome! Subscribe - https://goo.gl/htJqju Watch More - https://goo.gl/jjQgqJ Carl and Jinger Fam attempt to solve the mystery of the buried chain in their backyard underground! Jinger and Gage have explored under the crawl space and found a mystery time capsule with a secret cassette tape and a mysterious message recorded saying Pull the Chain! Now the family attempts to see what is hidden underground at the end of the chain! They might even get help from Daily Bumps or Vy Qwaint and Chad Wildclay soon! Every Day is a New Day Let's make it an awesome one! Let's make today Awesome! #mystery Jingerrific: https://goo.gl/PLTsYJ Kyle's Toys and Games: https://goo.gl/tXdtZH Luke Fully Loaded: https://goo.gl/tr5OWJ Gage1Up: https://goo.gl/PYUibl ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/carlandjinger ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jingerrific ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carl_and_ji... ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carlandjinger/ Disclaimer: All of our videos (including pranks, skits, and vlogs and everything you see) are planned and staged for Entertainment Purposes. You should never attempt anything we do at home or assume that what you are seeing is real.

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